Thursday, 26 July 2007

Ikomo Prt 2 /Breaking the News

Ohh I have to get it all out.....Sssssssoooooooo much has been going on in this little head and stressful life of mine so let my pour my thoughts out......

Thank God its all over.....Everything went well by His grace. I cant believe that we ended up hosting over 200 people... Talk abt people inviting themselves... But it wasnt bad cus there was more than enough food to go around. lets just say i was running around like a headless chicken from abt 3pm when Menu menu started until about 2am ..whn i finally went to bed...ok ok that's a bit of over exaggerating i did have a few beaks to sit down and chill but trust me i was drained ..haaba....!!

So a few days after the Ikomo my Man switched on me all of a sudden ...accusing me of being too comfortable in our relationship because I do not seem to be taking any proactive actions n order for our relationship to move to the next level (marriage) ei my people it is not easy ooh !!

I must confess that i have been a bit laid back of late but it is not easy when ur mum does not approve of the guy you have been seeing for over 6 years .. because he is not from the same country as u and also of the a different religion. My man and i have tried my very best to make my mum see that she needn't worry as we have thought abt these things carefully and have decided on how to make things work .
I know that my mum is only concerned and being protective but she needs to understand that .. the fact that i get married to someone from the same tribe , country or religion as myself does not gaurantee a happy marriage. It is up to the couple to compromise on their differences and make their marriage a success. I just dont know why everyone (uncles & aunties ) see my point and have advised my mum to give my relationship a chance but she just wont budge!

So i have decided to break the news to my mum......Lord help me ..... i dunno how she is going to take it as she mentioned a months ago that she has nothing more to say abt my relationship(u know what mothers are like ) but i dunno if that means that she accepts my relationship even though she is not keen on it or is that an African mums way of saying U WAIT & SEE WHAT I WILL DO!
What my mum fails to realise is that..s he and my man are ssoo alike and i know that they will get on so well together.....But she has never given him a chance.

I don't blame my man for switching on me anyway.. i understand how he feels .. he has put up with this behaviuor for over 6yrs and still loves me to bits even though my mum never really gives him a chance. God Bless him...He is such a figther and i love him soo much.for always being there and having my back.

I am soo scared of what my mums reaction will be......what if she decides not to give us her blessing ...........i love my man and want to spend the rest of my life with him .. i don't want to loose him after all these years..... so here goes ...Wish me luck......

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Ikomo Part 1

Whats up my good people..How una dey? She everything cool sha...? We thank God.

Just thought i should share this with u, My sister in law (My boyfriends brothers wife)had a bouncey baby Girl on Saturday.. So i guess we all know that there has to be one serious Ikomo as she is the first Niece in the family..The 1st of the next generation of my boyf's family and soon to b4ecome my family.
But i must say this: Naija people like big things and for that matter parties ah ah. We are expecting abt 80 - 90 people. so u can just imagine.

I have been to other peoplEs Ikomo and I am not looking forward to this one cus i have seen all the stress that pople go through.. God help us. I guess i better get use to it cus i will definately have one once Mr .O and I have our first child.

Fingers crossed everything will go smoothly.... I will gist u guys and let u know how it went...

Have a wonderful weekend and stay blessed...........................xx x

Thursday, 12 July 2007


I set out for work today with the intention of not letting anything or anyone ruin my day....Only for one stupid ass egg head to piss me off on the bus.WERE, BODAMFO, ADABATO -MAD MAN !!!

Will u believe that this stupid as s egghead of a man....'abused' me for choosing to sit next to him on the bus....just because he preferred his bag resting on the seat that i wanted to sit on. He had the nerve to give me a dirty look which i decided to ignore... but what made me switch was when he then had the audacity to ask me.. if that was the only seat that i could find on the bus.....

The man pissed me off oh... i wont lie. I asked him if he had chattered the bus for his private use and asked him if he didn't realise that people are entitled to sit wherever they desire not bags i paid not use the bus. i took a seat next to him and he continued to mumble but i ignored him. Will u believe that the silly cow only got off the bus after two stops and being the coward that he was only started insulting me and cussing as he got off the bus.....

I then shouted 'Get a life you a life u ugly ass git' and don't be silly!'

I swear i would have opened up a can of insults on him if he had tried to say all those things to me while he was on the bus....

I stopped to think if this silly white man acted the way he did just because i was black or if it was because he just wanted to pick on me ..........