Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Update breaking the news....Refection Time - B'day

Ugo Daniels make u no vex oooh jare.... I have just been busy doing a few things here and there.. u know how we do...

So my people My heart is still in my backside ohhhh ... I still ha vent broken the news to my mum yet.. it seems as if she knows what is about to happen ....she normally works for about 3 weeks and comes home for a week but this time she has been gone for more than 6 weeks.

But no stress cause I have been using the time to do a bit of underground work to cover my backside -- if u know what i mean. I have been speaking a few relatives on my mums side like my mums older brother and my cousins just to keep them on stand by as i might be needing them to help me reason with my mum once i 'drop the bomb'.
And so far i things are looking good and i must say i feel a bit positive about the whole thing now.
I definitely know that my mum will kick a big fuss once i break the news to her but at least all there will be no one to side with her as I have managed to get my Uncles, Aunts and cousins on board (they've all known the situation from the beginning and feel that my momsi is overdoing things)

I know that if worst comes to worst, my Uncles on my fathers side /fathers family are the ones who will give me away but i still feel that my mums blessing is key and will make my man and i even happier.

Oh gah ju........all this wahalal just because I WANT MARRY MY SWEETHEART OOH.

Oh and at least i wont be breaking the news to her on my own as my uncle and oldest cousin have offered to sit with me when i decide to fill my mum in, at least there will be someone to hide behind in case she decided to land me one....lol (just joking)

So my people that's its for now ooh the waiting continues...... Thanks for all the support and advise.. i really appreciate it.

So ....My birthday was just another ordinary day ... nothing special.. i kept things on the D_low. I had decided to go into work the week before but i decided not to at the last minute cause i didn't want those silly ass people at work to start thinking that i don't have a life (not that there is anything wrong with working on your birthday ooh i beg)

i had been feeling very low a few weeks before my birthday which was a bit strange .. not that i get hyper about my birthdays at all just that i had never felt this depressed about my birthday before. I think it also had to do with the fact that i was still worried about this whole braking the news to my mum shenanigan.
Everyone kept asking me what i was doing for my birthday cause my man and i are well known for throwing the best Barbecue parties and everyone had been waiting for their invitation to my B'day BBQ. Lets just say they were all disappointed when i told them that I was taking this easy this year.

My man and i have a tradition giving presents at midnight (the first few mins of the new day) so i intentionally had my nightly shower a little earlier than usual and got into bed. and that was when my emotions got the best of me.
I said my prayers tearfully ....Thanking God for my life and all the wonderful things he had done for me in my _ years on earth....blah blah blah. I calmed down after my prayers and started to reflect on the past years and what i have managed to achieve so far (trust me it has not been easy at all)..I tried to console myself that someone somewhere is probably going thorough worse and that i have to be Thankful for what i have.

At this point my man walked into the room and i quickly wiped my tears and pretended that i was asleep .... hoping that i would stop him from waking me up and doing the whole Happy Birthday and presentation ritual....But it didn't ooh.
He woke me up and started singing His remixed version of Happy Birthday (traditional/50 cent style) which i thought was sweet (but my emotions were still all over the place).he then settled down gave me my presents and speech about life, birthdays and his love for me, you should have seen my face : (
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry and so I just let it all out and burst out in tears like a baby yyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...lol

And as always my understanding sweetheart comforted me and advised me to use the day not only as a day of reflection and counting my mistakes but as a day to be grateful to God for the number of years that he has granted me so far and the wonderful things that he continues to do in my life and so on and so forth....

In the end I decided to set myself new goals that i hope to achieve by my next 21st birthday..lol.
And to appreciate the little things in life that we tend to ignore just because we are sooo focused on the big picture/ dream which does not come easy....


And by the way i am not a cry baby ooh .....all u cheeky people out there.. I know what u r capable of branding me as..

Thanks for all the birthady wishes -NuFf lOvE x x x

Monday, 6 August 2007

Its my Birthday 2day!!


I am 21 AGAIN.......lol ; )

Update...Ikomo...Breaking the news!

My people how far oh?.....so i havent broken the news to my momsi yet as she is away @ the moment . I will keep u guys posted. Thanks again for all the constructive advise ... I am really grateful..... STAY BLESSED x x x