Monday, 24 December 2007

JESUS is the reason for the season....

The plan was to wait till after the holidays before updating but I got an email about the history of Christmas and thought it was I have decided to share it my blogville family just to emphasise one of the points that i made in my last blog Christmas is dead...!!! about the main reason why we celebrate Christmas as it has become a lot more commercialised therefore losing its true meaning.
As Christmas is here and the New Year hangs around the corner, lets use it as an opportunity to reflect and Thank God for His Goodness and Mercys . He has afforded us the opportunity to see another Christmas and by His grace, another Year.

The ancient Christians decided to bring the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ around the same time the pagans were celebrating their week long festivities in honour of their sun god. This was done so that Christians would not be attracted to the things of the world and how the unbelievers celebrate their gods.
We serve the living God so let's not forget that in celebrating this yuletide we're only saying: ''JESUS THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US SAFE AND SOUND THROUGHOUT THE YEAR AND DYING TO SAVE US FROM OUR SINS''. Who said it's easy? But we can all be Holy if only we try. Being Holy as a Christian is in the little things; like KEEPING YOUR WORD! HUSBANDS AND WIVES REMAINING FAITHFUL TO EACH OTHER; KEEPING YOUR INTEGRITY NO MATTER THE SITUATION; BEING HONEST IN YOUR DEALINGS; ETC. ETC.

As you rush for your gifts and trees and decorations. Let it remind you to make the same preparations in your life BECAUSE JESUS IS COMING AGAIN. ASK YOURSELF, IS YOUR LIFE PRESENTABLE ENOUGH TO IMPRESS HIM LIKE YOU'VE DECORATED YOUR HOUSE TO IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS?

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Christmas is dead...!!!

Is it just me or is Christmas just not the same....I mean i cant even remember the last time that i celebrated Christmas. All I remember are my childhood days back home (Ghana) when my I looked forward to comming home from Church on Christmas day to help my mum make Lunch, which consisted of A Special pot of Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, grilled Chicken/fsh, Kelewele, Potato chips, a variety of Salads and after feasting aon all that, we had fan ice cream with my aunties special Christmas cake.....Awww the good old days.
I attended our work christmas do yesterday and I can you believe that it was there for only was just soo dry and I guess it was also because omost of my team members have already travelled abroad for the holidays.Wwhats going on?Is it just me or is Christmas really dead as my friend described it.
I feel that Christmas loses it hype as we grow older and older and what kills it even quicker is if your not fortunate enough to go back home for the holidays. Christmas in has become soo comercialised that it has lost its true meaning. It seems to be all about sending loads of money buying presents which people end up not using anyway......
What even kills it for me is that is that MR. and I are spending christmas apart this year as he is off to Lagos as I write and I am stuck here in this stupid cold ass country because I have a lot of revision to do for my exams in January and I also have my dissertation to work on. So I am on my Jack jones this Christmas and ooh dont even think about me spending time with my family cus I dunno haow to play happy families with people who dont give a toss about you. I beggg ooohh I will just burry my head in my books and haung out with the girls if I get bored.
But honestly is it just me and is it fair to say that Christmas is DEAD or rather that I my Christmas spirit is DEAD?!!
I'm so going to miss my man any suggestions of things that I can do to survive holidays without my Sweetie : (

Im ssoo homesick here a few of the things that I miss the most :

1) Hot & Sunny Weather

2)The Beach (Sand, Sea breeze, Palm Trees...)

3) My favourite Ice Cream

4)Home made Kenkey

5) Boufrot(Puff - Puff)

Anyway ...What are you guys up to for the holidays.....?! Im off for a refill of my Tia Maria and Coke.......IM SOOO BORED !!!
In the mean time......Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas People..................xx x x

Monday, 10 December 2007

Goingz onssssss........

Damn.......I didn't realise I had been gone for that long....then again it hasn't been that long...just a few weeks and I am already being harassed by the Blogville update squad Nyemoni, Olamild, Queen of My Castle...oh and not forgetting the ever cheeky princesa na wah for u this chic oohhh going on about ''I was first, i hope to be last.Oya update!!!'' Ah ah!!

I have just had soo many things to do mhen..busy busy busy!! honestly.. the life of a student (and a young woman who is just trying to live her life jejely). Thank God I am almost at the end of that road...Graduation is a few months away but lets just say yours truely still has a lot to do. I've still got my exams coming up in January, which sucks cus it means no proper Christmas celebrations for dissertation is due a few months afterand then the final batch of Exams in June and then I WILL BE FREEEEEEEEE ...!! Its been a long time coming... anyone who is considering taking a year out of thier studies (especially to work) do not do it ooohhhhh. See where it got me... I got carried away with working and earning money and totally lost track of the years ......10 yrs I am trying to graduate at the age of (JOKE GOTCHA!!)........I didn't take that much time off and I am not 50 yet even though it feels like

I have also been trying to plan my future as I want to start the year 2008 off on a positive note and on an all time high as I feel that God has a lot of things in store for me.....I have never been one to make plans or resolutions for the new year but I feel I need to as that is the only way froward for me, in terms of my future with MR: Getting married, starting our own family and living MY LIFE the way God wants me to.....NOT THE WAY MY MUM AND MY FAMILY WANT ME TO!

I have finally started planning my dream wedding......and trust me its not been do you start planning your wedding without the support of your own family.....I thank God for surrounding me with friend s and loved ones who continue to encourage and support me.

My situation just feels so weird, here I am brainstorming themes, colours , venues and so on withoutthe knowledge of / support from my family .

I have accepted the fact that they might never come around to respecting my decision and choice as to who I want to spend the rest of my life with.... but deep down there is still a bit of hope that they will come around before the D Day.

In the mean time MR and I are still doing all that we can to make sure that we do things the right way...just to put them to shame and to prove them wrong. I can just imagine how Mr feels about this whole situation and I know that he continues to stay positive when there isn't even a shadow of hope. I just pray that God continues to bless him with patience and the strength to endure all the harsh treatment that he continues to receive from my family because I know that it hurts him so much but he continues to do all that he can to get over it. Its just frustrating!!

We went window shopping for rings a few weeks ago.... just browsing ooh I beg.....I take it he just wanted to get a feel of what i like and will be expecting when he finally decides to propose. It was fun though and I hope he got all the hints that i dropped because that ring better he off the hooook!!! Or else i will i will say NO !! lie lie I WILL SAY YESS OOOHHH even if he produces an elsatic band in a match

The search for my wedding gown begins after the Christmas break as I have decided to start shopping knowing how fusssy I am and just so I have enough time to set up my saving for it.....Lord help me. But there are are still two major things that Mr and I are planning to carry out in the next couple of weeks:

He has been advised to come and see my mum to make his intentions known and to ask when it will be best to send his family members over to meet her......this is our last resort in the situation as she didn't take me serious when I broke the news to her a few months back BREAKING THE NEWS - Update . This will be her chance to tell MR what she really thinks of him and this whole relationship of ours, as she has never confronted MR about our relationship and the fact that she does not approve of him.

The outcome of this meeting will determine the next step towards our future together as Mr and I will have to travel to Ghana to see the elders of my late dads family and to inform them of the situation and our intention to get married, as custom demands that I be given away for marriage by my dad/ His family. They are will therefore be able to give me away for marriage even without my mum approval. Hopefully that will give my mum a wake up call and if it doesn't I don't know what will.
So there is still a lot more drama to come as the next couple of weeks are going to present me with some more emotional ups and downs....Lord help me!!

I have just got so much going on in my minutes Im so happy over the moon that I am finally planning to get married to the Love of my life..and then the next minute I feel so sad cus i cant even pick up the phone to shre that joy with my family especilay my mum...
God willing things will go smoothly...but i kinda doubt that a little when it involes my mum....

Anyways Dissertation calllls ......I'm off to draft my peeps xxxx