Sunday, 24 June 2007

Love thy neigbour .....(Ghanaians & Nigerians)

Hey good people whas up?!

I will first of all like to say a big THANK U to Tayo, 36 Inches of ... and Abujababe, for visiting my page and leaving those interesting comments.

Ok so now to business........ Am I the only one who is sooo fed up of the divisions between Nigerians and Ghanaians and all the rubbish that people believe(that Nigerians are all 419 and Ghanaian do not like Nigerians and Vice versa).
What is all that crap about. And funny enough it doesnt even stop at even exsists amongst our our own communities. For instance, a Yoruba family might not find it funny if thier daughter brought home an Igbo guy as her boyfriend, and it is the same where i came from (Ghana). Marriages between people from different ethnic groups and countries (especially Naija) are never smooth sailing.

Why is this still going on in this day and age, Why are people judged according to country or tribe that they are from. It is just not fair.

I am Ghanaian and always have to deal with people giving me funny looks when i meet them for the first time and mention through conversation that my Boyfriend is Nigerian.....I always get this look as in...'Oh no u didnt'... and i also give them the 'Oh yes i did and i dont give a rass what u say so get over it'

I have been to Lagos a few times and it is a nice place to be (but not as nice as Ghana, no offence), i will admit that it is a bit chaotic with the whole Nepa and the trasportation system (okada & lasma).
I constantly find myself in arguments with my Ghanaian friends and even family who seem to believe that Nigerians are no good and feel that they are better off.

How do we bridge this gap and put an end to all this discrimination.

I will tell you this for nothing Ghanaian and Nigerian culture have soo much in common. We all do and eat the same things ..the only difference is that we all have different names for them. Nigerians eat efo Ghanaians eat Kontomire (Spinach stew), Nigerians drink Pap whiles Ghanaians drink Kooko........oh yeah and we all love our Jollof Rice and Fried Rice.

Nigerians are lovely, very intersting and fun to be around...

So what is the big deal!! Inobi the same blood weh dey flow through our veins.

Wekan life be this !!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Why do things happen the way they do?

This life is just so full of ups and it just me or is it just normal that ..whenever we go thru difficult and stressful times and feel that they are about to come to an even bigger probblem just worm its way into ur plans and totally wrecks things....Eg: you decide to back to ur sytudies and life ur life in order then u suddenly realsie that ur pregnant or a parent passes away just as you are about to graduate from uni, get ur life together and make them proud of u .........WHY?