Monday, 7 April 2008


One Word: OUCH!!!
Where do i begin....I cant lift my arms too much..., my thighs are aching, my love handles feel like they are about to explode and my as for my abs don't even go there...they are killing me!!!
I bet you've guessed what I'm complaining about.....I have started my mission to keep fit whiles to loosing my love handles and my extra
My mission began last Thursday with a 30 min jog up Hampstead Heath.Oh my Gosh who the hell asked me to be soo adventurous... i had bee contemplating the jog for a few days and decided that I had to take the first step and at least do something so .. i got dressed in my tracksuit bottoms and jumper, hair tied into a sleek pony tail, ipod tacked between by 34f' and i was me crazy but i decided to go jogging just as it was getting dark as i was feel a bit self conscious...didn't want people looking at me and thinking...What the hell does she think she is doing?!

But there was none of that I managed to jog half way to the top of the heath (which is 30ft high and has a breath taking view) and walked the rest of the way. I did a few stretches at the top as my thighs were killing me and then jogged all the way from the top to the bottom .....I absolutely enjoyed it and just couldnt wipe the smirk off my face... I must say I was proud of myself for taking the first step.
So now i have decided 30 min jog up hampstead heath 3 times a week, Davina DVD and You tube videos for 3omins at least twice a week.
I am trying my best when it comes to food by having a 100% fruit smoothies, muslie bars for snacks and eating a lot more fruit and veg... oh and I only have carbs with my lunch ...none for dinner. I was advised by a friend to try and eat my vegetables raw rather than steamed or even fried and I must say that I am loving Sweet and yellow.. they are my favourite vegetables and i love eating them raw.....
So for those of you out there who said you were also looking for ways of keeping fit or losing some weight Afrobabe, Sha , Pink-satin Overwhelmed Naija Babe, .. there you go......i found these videos on you tube.. trust me they work wonders at working my muscles but they are hard work......I dare you to try them.......Let me know what you think...... - Love Handles 2 ( I like this one as it also works your abs if you hold your tummy in)

Dunno if you guys remember the post I love u but..I dont TRUST u!! about one of my friend who has a really insecure boyfriend? Well guess what the dude dumped her !! Can you believe it.
So here is what happened......the dude decided in January that things were not working out and asked that they both go their separate friend(Lets call her Esi) didn't really understand why he had suddenly made that decision as this same dude had discussed marriage with her a few months before and had even asked her to go and get the list for knocking(introduction amd engagement) from her dad.
A few days after this dude broke things off with Esi....she found out from a Friend that the guy had actually been seeing another girl for about 6 months and had gone to perform the introduction ceremony and to ask for the girls hand in marriage. The dude was engaged to the new girl just 3 weeks after breaking up with Esi and will be getting married in June.

Esi is still in a state of shock and just cant let this guy go as she claims that she still loves him....she keeps going to his house and calls him constantly but he doesn't take her calls and refuses to see her whenever she goes to his place. How do you get over a guy who promised you the world and then decides to take it all away from you after 9 years......
What do i say to her and how do i console her...she is an emotional wreck at the moment and i just feel so helpless.
I feel for her as i know what it feels like to be broken hearted......................................

Why do some men have to be so cruel and how does one stop him/herself from falling too deep in order not to feel this hurt when things go wrong?
Where and how does one start all over again......