Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Ups & Ups ........

I sought the Lord, and he answered me, and delivered me from all my fears. (Psalm 34:4)

I am back.................................................................!!!
Its been 10 months and a few day since my last confession ...ooops sorry ....Since my last post. Damn has it really been that long...crickey!!
I tried updating my blog in November but just couldn't bring myself to put anything up because i was very overwhelmed with plans and the usual issues at that time....but Thank God its all over now!!
Gods been kind and merciful to me in my moments of distress and has brought me through that storm safely. For that I am very grateful to HIM!!

My dearest
THIRTY + , Writefreak , Olamild , Naapali , Zena , SOLOMONSYDELLE ,guerreiranigeriana , Sha, Afrobabe , UndaCovaSista , I am soo sorry for the long silence and promise to make it up to all of you.

Words can not describe the love and gratitude that I have for my blog ville family, your kind words of support and encouragement also gave me hope and saw me through my time of need.
May God Almighty abundantly reward you all. I am getting teary eyed....!
The last 10 months have been filled with ups and downs and have been the most difficult 10 months of my life as I had to make decisions and actions that will go a long way to determining the sort of life that i live.

Enuff mumbo jumbo...... for those of you who are lost.....(refer to my previous posts)...Yes so where was I.....oh yes i was about to drop gist!!

Mr finally proposed can you believe it... the dude took his sweet time.....but he couldn't have picked a better time and place.
Remember how i use to moan about him not popping the question?! In fact it got to a point where i started wondering if he was just stringing me along; as we had decided in Jan 2008 that we were going to be getting married that year with or without my mum.......

Things started taking shape after my graduation, as i had no more assignments and bits to worry about. We decided in June that December will be the best time for the wedding as most of our friends and family tend to travel home - Ghana and Nigeria for Christmas and decided that the wedding will take place in Ghana (dont go making faces...where else was the wedding supposed to take place...Abi Mr's people have to come and 'beg' for date was later confirmed and planning went into full of venue, fittings, picking and sending invitation cards etc.
All this while i kept telling myself that Mr was going yo be popping the question anytime soon. Even my friends were more anxious than i ...they always kept asking questions like So Mr...any plans for this weekend where are you taking our dumb !! Were they actually expecting him to say ohhhh I'm thinking of taking Arewa propose to her. All this time I was actually snooping around for receipts and clues but found nada!!!
So i decided to forget about him popping the question although it was sometimes embarrassing as people start looking at your finger the minute you mention that you are planning your wedding...especially when it is less than 6 months away!! Oh Lord... this dude showed me proper.
We took a trip to Ghana shortly before the wedding to see my family as my mum still wasn't interested in our plans. the trip was a very successful one as i had 100% support and blessings from both my mum and my fathers family.

It had been a very long and stressful day at my uncles house- going to final prep for traditional wedding and all the other activities......All i wanted to do was get home shower and thing.....

Mr: Babe, do you know of any nice spots around here where we can have something to eat

Me: (Sounding very pissed off) I asked you if you were hungry and wanted us to get something to eat about 5 mins ago when we went past Osu (happening area witha lot of joints) and you said NO so what is this about getting food now.......!!!

Mr: (In a very calm voice) Dont stress now Shebi it is just food; I am sure we can get something nice to snack on or eat around here. Anyway...dont worry, my friends told me of this nice restaurant around Airport residential ... i think we should check it out

Me: Whatever........... food is food and your the fussy eater

Driver pulls up in front of a cool looking restaurant...about 10 mins later.....the place was nice and cosy but nothing more to mind me it was a nice place I was just feeling very grumpy and tired.....So sat down ordered a few things fro m the menu and started to eat.
Half way through his dinner.............

Mr: Babe... i just need to pop our to check on the driver back in a mo

Me: OK

He returns after 2 mins.....

Mr: Babes come with me I want to show you something


Mr: Yes he is fine....just want to show you something

Me:Ah ahhhhh!! What now!! (I am thinking...what the
&$**@ is going on...all i want to do is eat, go home shower and sleep)

He leads me through the car park and down to the side of the restaurant - which has a very lovely garden, with a mad made waterfall and a nice view of the area as the restaurant is situated on top of a hill.

Mr: I just wanted to show you the waterfall....
Me: What about it... it is not a real one anyway!! Are you sure you are mean you do not feel like we have had a stressful day.................dont get me wrong hon, this view is lovely but not tonight.............i feel really tired and dont want to be a kill joy .......but i am not feeling this..maybe another day....... ( I started to walk away..He garbs my hand)

Mr: (he gives me a hug) Babe I know its been a very stressful day but just calm down and try and relax....(he pulls away and puts something in my palm)
Me: (Still not feeling the vibe and looking pissed and stressed) What do you want me to...........


At this point Mr was down on one knee with tears in his eyes.....Giving me a speech about how he was sorry it had taken this long to do 'this' and how he has never doubted me and hopes he is doing the thing and wants nothing more than to see me happy and to make me his wife.... oh yeah and something a praying that God gives him the ability to be all that a husband should be and moreeeee......
Mr: My darling Arewa.......will you do me the honor of being my wife......?
Me: (By this time ... i didnt know whether to jump, sit, cry, scream......) Yes yes.. yes... i willll

it was only when he put the ring on my finger and I suddenly realised that i couldn't see the ring properly (to inspect that i realised that tears of joy had flooded my eyes.
Pheew.... its happening again!!! - TEARS of JOY.

**Mr and I got married a week before Christmas and everything went smoothly...we even had a traditional ceremony - Introduction.. knocking....etc.

Will you in sooon....dont worry it won't be long. Will update
Stay blessed people and enjoy the rest of your week....... x x xx



Padosh said...


Padosh said...

YAY!!! Oh yeah unhunn alright!!! Im first!!!

AWWWWWW Im so happy for you babes!!!

He got you real good!!

Here is wishing you all of lifes best, joy, hapiness and all your hearts desires!!!!

THIRTY + said...


THIRTY + said...

It's soooooo gggggggooood to read from you....

Now lemme go and read.

THIRTY + said...

Commmmoooooooooooonn now, another round of praise to the God, he deserves all the praise.

May your union be fruitful, may your children be blessed, may your husband be found in the company of the wise and you in the company of virtuous women.

Sweetness and Joy will b your portion, honey and milk will flow ceaselessly in your abode.

I am so so happy for you BIG KISS AND HUGS!

Writefreak said...

Congrats, congrats babe! Mr got you real good! I like that!
Thirty + don pray everything, lemme just say a big AMEN
Mnwhile on a serious note, Arewa, don't ever do that again. You had me really worried. Infact u need to give me ur email addy so I can be looking for
Mine is
Should I be looking forward to hearing from you?

Afrobabe said...

Shesssssssss back....and married...

awwwww, the proposal has made me teary happy everything turned out well dear....

Happy married life...

Arewa said...

@Padosh: He suckered me is that a real word - excuse my creativity)
And thanks for the wishes...I ma very greatful x x x

@30+ :AMEN OOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Awww you have made my day....I am glad i decided to finally update my blog. Sistas like you make life on blogville worth it. Love ya x x

@Writefreak: Awww sweetie no vex....I owe you and i promise to never go MIA like that again :)
Ok so am i forgiven...!! Please..!!
I will be dropping you an email tomorrow look out for it. Love you loads x x x

Ms Sula said...

Welcome Back, Arewa, now you're truly a Ghanerian!

Congrats on the wedding and the graduation. Stay blessed darling.

p.s: it's so true about planning a wedding with no ring on your hands, it feels all kinds of awkward. I think people think you're delusional. Lol!

Arewa said...

@ Afrobabe: I swear you have some secret powers... hubby and I were just reading your post!!! U be winch?!! Confess now ooh!
Thanks for the kind wishes dear it feels good to be back :)

Arewa said...

@ Sula: Thanks for the kind words.
lol @ Ghanerian. I am soo glad you understand my point abput planning a wedding without a ring... i swear i was tempted toeven go and buy a fake £10 I know im crazy like that.

Zena said...

I have not even read the post yet




Zena said...

First off,

you can't make people fall in love with you then just disappear, you had me very worried
You need koboko


I'm happy for you my darling, hurry up and update proper jo

QMoney said...

i got ur link from writefreak,congrats on ur wedding oh!!!may u live happiply for ever and ever

Afrobabe said...

lol...I be witch...

Sha said...


awww a big congrats hun and pls dnt leave us hanging again

happy married life

missed u loads..xx

Enkay said...

Read your post yesterday and I just kept going back to your old posts to read more. You are interesting!

Congrats on your wedding. Your marriage is blissful, fruitful and made in heaven!

Believer said...

Sweetheart, welcome back and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!I trust God for the very best for you both in Jesus name.



I thank God for bringing you through the storm. He's goo like that.

CONGRATS!!! So you done become Mrs, eh? How wonderful. Especially after everything. Wow. Today has been a great day for me. I discovered I was nominated at the naija bloggers awards, Blk wolf updated, I found out that Anonymous Gal updated, I heard from you, kai! I swear I am feeling super happy right now.

Greetings to your oga (AKA Mr. Arewa) oh!



@ Padosh: why did you go private, babe?


Anonymous said...


Simi Speaks said...

Awwww. Such great news!!!! am so glad for u hon.. May ur union be blessed and fruitful! very fruitful, in fact. lol..

am looking forward to the baby pics next!

welcome back love

Arewa said...

@Zena : Im soo sorry sweetie. No koboko Please ...I PROMISE TO BE GOOD :)

@ Q Money: Thanks for showing love and for the kind words. lol@ runaway soldier.

@ Afrobabe: I said winch.. u said witch... ur telling me lol!!!

@ Sha: Thanks sweetie. MISSED U TOO X X

@ Enkay: AMEN!!!Thanks for stopping by and showing love dear!!

@ Beliver: AMENNNNN OH!!

@SOLOMONSYDELLE : Thanks sis. Greetings from Mr Arewa :)

@Pink Satin: Thanks dear!!

@ Simi Speaks AMEN OOOHH!! Yeah and i will be borrowing and comparing babay note with you and the rest of x x x

rethots said...

...a (seemingly long) wait not in vain. Eventually, if we are a lil more patient, we always get what we want.

yankeenaijababe said...

Aww congrats on ur newly married life and am happy for you....How cutie to be engaged and married...have a good one.

Writefreak said...

O ya i demand a frequent update now that you're back o my dear..
How're you doing?


good. u r back. u was away for far too long. i'm with someone else. sorry. i stil like ur blog, though. i hope i have not broken your heart.

TDVA said...

cograts o!!! happy married life. see, it finally happend. i hope your mum comes around soon too. missed u, come back and update soon.

Olamild said...

I cried

Yes I did
I admit
that was the sweetest hmm...

I am soooooooooooooo happy for you
I thank God
I really do because he does answers prayers. I was so worried after your previous post but GLORY BE TO GOD

Ms. SpicyTee said...

Welcome back.
But seriously 10mnths is long.
But I guess is bcos you are busy with hmmmmm sha..Anyway it is well
May you fidn happiness,love,blessing,joy,fulfilment in your marriage.
First time here.. I will definately be back.

Queen of My Castle said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and even happier that your mother came around and gave you her blessings. You should see this silly grin on my face. LOL

Queen of My Castle said...

Where are you?!?!

nyemoni! said...

Congrats Madam Arewa...and how are you? Take care babes...later!

rethots said...

2years less 49days ain't too long for soon.

Hope married life is great?