Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Absolutely Unacceptable.....

I write this blog with a heavy i am still upset and fuming from the events of the past week.
Mr and I were involved in settling disagreements between two married couples (friends of ours)all within the space of four days. I am not talking just couples disagreeing or arguing about stuff oooh. This one nah blow for blow exchange.
I do not think that it is right for a man to hit a woman especially his wife and i do not think that it is also right for a woman to also hit a man.
Guys don't get me wrong ooh i know that some women know how to wind their men up to the point of no return but.. i think that a real man should be able to walk away from the situation no matter what, without giving in to the temptation of raising your hand to strike a woman.
I also know that men sometimes take the utter piss to the point that you feel like killing them but ..we need to be able exercise self control in such situation.

The bit that really gets to me in all this is that both couple have kids who witness all this madness every time that it happens. Why will any parent want to put their child through all that.

Hitting ones wife/ Girlfriend/ Husband/ Boyfriend does not solve the problem .. it only complicates things....

Mr and Mrs A. live just next door to us and have a beautiful daughter who turns 2 in October. Their situation is soo complicated as it involves so many little & big things that have happened over the years. So any little disagreement always erupts into a big fight, which end up in bruise, broken doors, plates ...u name it. Evryone in the area knows about thier fights but.. no one has dared to ever call the Police as we feel thatit might lead to Social Services taking thier Daughter away.. i guess no one wants to be a home recker.
I know that people have made silly remarks that it might be their way of expressing their love for each other.. which i think is totally absurd. WEY KAN LOVE B THAT?
They fight each other at least twice a month and it is not easy to live next door to such drama. Mr and I decided a long time ago not to get involved any longer but it not easy when u hear them fighting and knowing that there is a two year old who sees all this..... is heart breaking.
I always feel akward when thier daugther visits us and tries to explain what her parents get up to (just because she is upset)...How do u make a child of 2 understand why her mum and dad get into fist fights?
Mr and Mrs B (are a mixed couple...Mr is from Naija while Mrs is from Lithuania)
Well to cut a long story short, Mr had been running up his phone bill by calling one chick that he works while his Mrs was away on holiday, he claimed he was helping her with her papers and this was well to known to the Mrs but his Mrs started to get a bit suspicious as Mr always excuses himself when this chick called and will be speaking really quietly if u know what i mean(like he was hiding something) So Mrs called the girl and asked her if there was anything going on as she did not feel that her husband should whisper or excuse himself everytime she calls him......
Now in true black people style the girl flipped at the Mrs telling her that she should have a word with her husband as he was the one chasing her and about how she is more prettier than the Mrs and a whole load of rubbish so the Mrs Flipped on her and cussed her proper.
So we(a few female friend as the Mrs doesn't have many friends) were at their house on the weekend about to celebrating their sons 2nd birthday when Mr walked into the house(as he had popped out earlier on) went straight to the Mrs and started asking her why she called the chick he works with and what ahe said to her.......
The Mrs was a bit surprised as he was doing this in our presence and in the presence of soo many other kids.....she did not say anything to him as she did not want to cause a scene...
Next thing we heard was whhammm Whhhammm Mr had slapped his Mrs twice and she was on the floor.
We all stood there in Mr's actions. The kids were all staring and a couple of them begun to cry. A couple of us rushed to help after a few seconds of digesting what had just happened we tried to get Mr off Mrs but we just were not strong enough so i got on the phone and called my swwetheart to come over and help (as welive just round the corner from them) which point Mr just stormed out the door swearing and cussing.
I just could not believe it we all stood there not knowing what to say, as MRS obviously felt very uncomfortable because we had all witnessed the drama. But i must give her a lot of credit because she did not show a single sign of fear or weakness all though i knew that it was just a front.
What on earth will cause a man to strike a woman?

What would u have done if you were Mrs episode two's situation..cause i just don't want to sound bias.. but i Will take my bags and leave if my husband should ever hit me ooh.

How do u advice a friend in such a situation.......especially when there are kids involved and they start to pick up this violence displayed by their parents?


Sunday, 16 September 2007

Nyash like wow......


Had a really stressful weekend but that ...i will leave for later cus i'm soo not in the mood to get pissed off again so i will gist u guys later.

Anyway I just want to thank all you wonderful people out there for the love and support that you guys gave me on my last blog topic.

The entire issue has been bugging me for years and I just had to get it all out. I hesitated a lot before putting up that blog.. but now .. I'm glad I did.
I LOVE U GUYS TO DA MAX !!!(Naapali, Manda, Labelle, Dreaming Truth, Aijay, Olamild,Nikkisab &Ugo Daniels) x x x x x
OK so on a lighter note, i was reading Ex Schoolnerds blog last week about Looku looku......which i absolutely enjoyed reading, little did i know that i was going to make an extreme close up of looku looku.
Well lets just say i had a very close encounter a woman whose ass was bigger than that of an elephant... I swear Im not exaggerating oooh.
Damn the womans assss was hhhuuuuuuggggeeee!! Ah ah

I got on the bus to work the other morning..and as usual the bus was full with the usual school kids and 9 - 5'ers...I stood by the door for a while looking around to see if i could spot an empty seat by luck.
And BINGO! there it was....a seat just a few meters away. I was a bit surprised that no one had taken the seat as there were a lot of people i thought well it must be my lucky day..
I did the usual excuse me please! ..excuse me please! i made my way to the seat ...Hoping that no one would decide to beat me to it.....(u know there are some evil people out there, they only want something once they see someone going for it)
It was only when i got to the seat that i realised that there was a woman sitting in the chair next to the one I had spotted... ok well not just an average sized woman....
She was kind of on the HUGE
But i just thought ah well...It cant be that bad i can manage sitting next to her for about 6 bus stops.
I noticed something spilling out from her sides unto my seat but i immediately assumed that she probably had something in her pocket as she was wearing a cardigan..and so i just sat down......what ever it was that was spilling out unto my seat seemed to be taking up a bit of my seat and was feeling a bit uncomfortable so i decided to take a look.. just in case i was sitting on the stuff in her pocket ...or something like that.....
OMG.....U should have seen the look on my face when i realised that what i was feeling on my seat was actually part of the woman's hips that has taken up part of my seat...yie!!
I was in Shock for like 2mins and thought what the hell is all this and how the hell does she carry all of this around the damn place.
Lets just say i sat on a half a seat for about 5 stops as she got off a stop before mine.....
And trust me her getting off the bus was not that easy....people had to make way and she definitely rubbed a few people up the wrong way while trying to get off the bus.
I got to see her full figure when she got off the bus.I know its rude to stare but i just couldnt help it and trust me everyone on the bus was staring.
At that point, I remembered Ex- Schoolnerds blog about Looku looku and couldnt help but giggle. Oh girl (ExSchoolnerd) this blog is dedicated to you Girlfriend.......U crack me up!!

But i must confess that my back felt heavy just from watching the lady walk. Ouch!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007



He use to come to my room late at night while everyone was asleep
I always begged him not to
Because I just did not like what he was doing
It just felt sooo wrong
I was so scared of metioning it to anyone
I that they might not believe me or
That they might get upset with me
EVEN AS A CHILD i knew what he was doing was wrong
But how was i to tell my parents or anyone else
What do i say

I was only 8......


Lord i look back at those days and ask myself
Why didnt i fight him
Why did i allow him to do those things to me
I have had to deal with the effects of his actions for all these years
It affected me in some ways
It was sucha horrible experience.....
Now when i think back to those times,
I cant even remember the episodes too well
My friend says that it is my way of trying to forget everything that happened
I know that he feels guilty and is Sorrry
Because he apologised to me a few years ago and is now a born again Christian
But am I just supposed to forgive him....
I very hard not to let it affect me ..
But it springs up in my mind every ow and then
I Hate myslef more and more for letting him do this to me...


Wednesday, 5 September 2007


I just thought that I should share my joy with you lovely people.

One of my friends asked me to be Godmother to her son last week. I must say that i was very suprised because I only got to know this friend through one of my best friends about 3 yrs ago and thought it was really thoughtful of her and her husband to have picked me.

Thinking about it ...i just reaslise how amazing it is when we look at ourselves and somehow think that we are not really (dunno if this the right word to use.. but i hope u know what i am trying to say) perfect or that we could be better than we are - when we do not realise how much other people look up to us just for being ourselves..Ok now i feel like Iam going on too much.

So my blogville family... I would like to introduce u all to my Godson J. aka Yum Yum - cus everything goes straight into his mouth...!!!!