Thursday, 31 January 2008

Witchcraft & African Nations Cup

Ghana v Naija

Lets the games begin... I see how Nigerians have suddenly become so confident that they will be going home with Cup....Ok oh I hear....we shall see sha...Bring on the prayers and the Welcome back into the competition Naija..comee on and show us what you are really made of..........
Ok so Ghanaians and Nigerians all over the world are counting down to the BIG GAME on Sunday.
I decided that I wasnt going to blog about this match until after Sundays game but I came across an article in the Gaurdian (British)Newspaper about the use of witchcraft in the African Cup of nations and that pised me off so much ......the articles reads:

Scott Murray, John Ashdown and Tom Lutz

Wednesday January 30, 200
Guardian Unlimited

"Has witchcraft ever been used at the African Cup of Nations?" asks Lloyd Mariner.

Juju has already played a part in this year's tournament, Lloyd: in the opening match between hosts Ghana and Guinea, several Ghana fans carried a "juju pot" containing leaves and liquid in order to "scare away all devils", while churchgoers went to their Sunday service bedecked in the country's red, gold and green for a "cleansing" ceremony designed to inspire "total victory". It seemed to work, if you believe in this sort of thing or are a journalist in need of copy to file, as Ghana's Sulley Muntari scored a last-minute screamer to win the game.

This is nothing on what happened in the 2002 semi-final between Mali and Cameroon, though, when Cameroon coach Winfried Schafer and his goalkeeping coach, Thomas Nkono, were arrested by riot police for placing a magic charm on the pitch before the match. Or two years previously, when a Nigerian FA official skittered on to the pitch mid-game to steal off with a charm which had been placed in the back of the opposition net during his country's quarter-final with Senegal. His intervention came 15 minutes from time with Senegal a goal to the good; by the end of the match, Nigeria had scored twice to turn the game around. Make of that what you will: the options are a lot, or not much.
"We are no more willing to see witch doctors on the pitch than cannibals at the concession stands," said a spokesperson for the CAF, who consider such incidents to propagate the image of Africa as a third-world continent. Though why this should be the case is anyone's guess, given half of England's top stars over the years - John Terry taping his shinpads up three times, Gary Neville wearing the same eau de parfum every day, Gazza making sure all the towels in the dressing room hang off the rail symmetrically - appear to have mild-to-rampaging cases of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but that's the way it seems to be.

Why the hell do these Oyinbo journalists always have to fing a way of reporting news about Africa in way that is so demeaning and portraying us as so uncultured and primitive. So what if people carried pots filled with leaves and whatever else on thier heads why can't they just provide the rest of the world with constructive reports about the game or focus on other aspects of the games. Is it a crime to be patriotic and to be proud od ones country and culture?

Why cant they just let us be....... African newspapers do not critisise British Premiership fans and players disrepectfully when that go driniking thier heads off in pubs before, during and after games and also end up behaving in a very disorderly manner.



Anyways, Come on people any predictions.....? I am really looking forward to Sundays game with me supporting Ghana and Mr supporting Naija. I dont want to say too much now just in case yall decide to gang on me (omo Ghana) so all I can say for now is:



Sorry guys no time to spellcheck but shae u get point sha?! L8R X X

Monday, 28 January 2008

Teen Love PART 2

My story continues........
So I noticed that the conversation that was going on between my neighbour and the woman in the car had stopped and they were both staring at me if I had done something wrong.
Our neighbours wife (Lets call he Auntie B) asked me to come over.....meanwhile the woman in the car was just looking me up and down and giving me some dirty if I had stolen her husband or something.
It turned out that the woman in the car was P's step mum and had come looking for our house based on the info that i gave her over the phone (my Full name)and bumped in Auntie B while she was driving over to our house.
Auntie B asked me if I knew who the woman was to which I answered Negative. At which point P's step mum (lets call her Cruella). Now stepped in and started raining insults and warnings at me.. calling me names and saying how I should never call her house again and stop writing SEXY letters(in her own words) to her son. She was basically chatting a whole load of bull about how I call her son 3 times in the evening and how i don't want to leave her son alone and keep forcing myself on him even though he has explained that he is not interested in me. This woman was just lying and blowing things out of proportion , I was just so scared to say a word and stood there listening to her lies and looking on as she disgraced me in front of Auntie B.
All this time I was just praying for Cruella to finish with her lies and disappear before waking my dad(who was in his room having a nap) and before my mum got back from work as she was due back at any moment.

Auntie B realised that Cruella was getting a bit carried away with her warning and was now trying to settle things as she knew that I was not that sort of child and also wanted to calm Cruella down as she was beginning to attract a lot of attention.
Next, I heard a car drive into our yard and looked over my shoulder only to see my mum driving into our front yard......I felt like fainting cause I knew that thing were just about to get out of control and that I was dead meat!
Auntie B sensed what was about to happen and tried dismissing me before my mum parked the car and got out but Cruella just had to have the last word.
I walked quickly towards my mum and tried to look like nothing had happened but my mum had already sensed that something was wrong and was also walking briskly towards me...asking if I was OK and what was going on..... But noo Cruella had to open her big mouth again...Telling my mum to keep me in check and shouting about how i am forcing myself on her son.. This got my mum pissed off and caused her to ask the Cruella what the hell she was talking about......and the LYING OLD COW LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN.

My mum calmed Cruella down and gave her a piece of her mind about P's letters that she had also found in my room . But Cruella insisted that P was only writing to be because i was forcing myself on him and he didn't know what to do.
My mum took me home by my ear which felt like it had just been lubricated with pepper. My mum told me off proper and called me a little tart and all .. i know that she was very upset because of all that Cruella had said but they were all lies.... and you know I could not get a single word in or else I would have been given the whooping of my life. Don't know how news of the incident travelled around but lets just say it was the latest news at school (P's and Mine) for the next couple of days .
I was very surprised that my mum did not whoop my ass at all... I guess she kind of knew that Cruella had lied about almost everything. I was grounded for a month and was not allowed to use the phone for months.
P sent me a letter a few days after apologising for Cruella's behaviour but i just ignored him because I was really upset at the whole incident but i forgave him in the end (as he had warned me of Cruellas EVIL WAYS FROM THE BEGINING BUT WE JUST DIDN'T KNOW HOW FAR SHE WOULD REALLY GO) after he came over to my school a few weeks later to apologise in person we decided to keep things on the D - low from then onwards.

P and I are still very good friends and occasionally tease each other about the whole incident but I am still pissed off at the fact that Cruella made up all those lies about me .....Can you believe that she even asks P about me every now and then....She should just thank her stars that I havent seen since then because I have vowed to confront her whenever I see her even if it is in 10yrs time. I am older and wise enough to cuss her now .....that silly woman owes me an apology !!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Teen love........

princesa's latest post on old school love letters brought back memories and reminded me of an incident that took place over 16yrs ago:
I used to be involved in a lot of Cultural dancing and Drama activities back in my Primary and J.S.S days.

There was this dude(Lets call him P) who saw me on a show that my school did on TV and got my number from one of his friends who knew me...... we talked on a few occasions established a 'relationship' (which meant pretty much nothing to me ) I was just fun to have this guy calling me all the time. We never got to meet up cus we attended different schools and my strict military dad did not allow me to go gallivanting or even entertain any boys so all we had was a telephone relationship......can you believe that I didn't even know what the boy looked like and had to go by the description that my friends had given me which was then confirmed when he sent me a picture of himself. I must admit he wasn't that cute but he was ok..... He started calling me his girlfriend which i didn't really give a toss about so I also went went the flow. (Young love.. how blind and foolish)

Then things escalated to the next level.... (i beg no dirty thoughts oooh) he started writing me all these love letters ....which always had FLY SAFELY TO written just above my name and KISS BEFORE YOU OPEN written at the back of the envelope.

The letters always expressed how much he loved me and slowly developed into describing the things that he wanted to do to me......Am all I did was to read these letters with me friends and giggle at every sentence. The words he wrote meant nothing much to me.....all I knew was that there was a boy who lived on the other side of the Military camp who was in love with me and kept sending me all these letters.

We met face to face a few moths later at an inter schools Athletic Completion and finally established a so called proper relationship...which was still just child's play..all we did was hold hands and nothing else.....He knew not to even tray anything cause everyone knew my dad and how strict he was and i guess that was what kept him in check....I am going on too much. Back to the main story...

I used to keep my love letters in a shoebox box at the very top my wardrobe...and don't know how the hell my mum found them but boy was I in trouble...cus i also had love letters from other guys that i was stalling in that box.
My mum and dad summoned me to the living room after dinner one evening only to bring unveil my collection of love letters which she had taken time to go through.....I was shitting myself ......cus she had all P's letters in her hand and cussed me from Africa to Asia and back... thank God it was just a serious tongue lashing but no beatings or slaps whatsoever.
My mum gave me a serious talk while my dad sat there and just watched ......which I found very strange but I was glad that my dad hadn't taken over cus I knew he would probably kill me..I kept watching him from the corner of my eye just so I could run for the door , if he decided to have sort me out with some serious beatings... ...lolOur talk ended once my mum had finished her lecture and I promised not to entertain P any longer.
I didn't get to speak to P about what went down with my parents as their phone had been out of service for a couple of days....and decided to write to him through our friend who was acting as our delivery guy. It turns out that my letter arrived late cus his parents had also found the love letters that I wrote to him in reply to his letters.....just that mine were less detailed and was usually made up with lyrics from my favourite love how
I decided to try P's phone number just for luck on the same day that i sent the letter :

Beep Beep, Beep Beep - The phone was ringing...their phone had been repaired...Thank God .......

Hello ?! (Someone picked up , it sounded like his Step mom ......ooh shit she was supposed to be out of town with his dad Didn't know whether to hung up or to just talk so .. i spoke )

Me: Emmmmm Hello Good Evening...Can I PLLEEAASSEE speak to P PLEASE?

Step mum: You want to speak to Who?!

Me: P Please.........(I was ssooo sacred, cus P and my other friends had warned me of this woman and how evil she was)

Step Mum: Who is calling ?!


Step mum: Oh so its you eehn....Listen to me very carefully.. I do not want you to ever call this house again do you hear me and dont you ever, if you do I will have to call your house and report you to your parents do you hear me ....nonsense!!! - AND THEN SHE HUNG UP

I was shaking like a leaf and was just staring at the phone.. thinking ....oh my God this woman is really evil and mean ...and i just told her my full name .. ...why was she being so horrible to me... ..what did I do wrong.....?I was sso worried and though what if she looks up our address in the telephone directory and turns up at our door step..........I dismissed the though and tried to calm myself down.
About half an hour later, I was heard some people talking outside and decided to see what was going on....There was a white Peugeot 305 parked between out house and our neighbours and there was a woman sitting in the car chatting to our next door neighbour's wife....I thought nothing of it and decided that to water the flowers in that front garden as it was one of my daily duties once the sun was beginning to set...Just as I stepped out unto the veranda to get the watering hose, i noticed that the conversation that was going on between my neighbour and the woman in the car had stopped and they were both staring at me if I had done something wrong.
Damn this post is getting longer and longer I GUESS I WILL HAVE TO POST THE second half IN MY NEXT UPDATE.....

Let me give you a hint the woman had come to cause trouble..........

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Hooked on ........

This feeling....

of not caring what anyone thinks anymore

that nothing else matters as long as I have HIM by myside

that feeling of peace

that feeling of calm

that feeling of content

that feeling of safety when Im in his presence

Thoughts of him bring smiles to my face

He is always there for me

Says the right things at the right time

Makes me feel loved

He is ............

My Friend

My Lover

My Strength

My Shoulder to lean on

My Comforter

My Teacher

My Soul mate

He is all I have ever needed and more......

Is this what it feels like to be in love cos if it is then .....


If this really is LOVE,

then why would anyone want to take something so kind and pure away from me?

Friday, 11 January 2008

Lipstick & Breast Cancer....Spread the word!

I Hope everyone is doing ok sha!!! I sound like Omo Naija now dont I? I have to practice I know what you are all thinking..ANOTHER UPDATE ALREADY !!!....I begi you people better enjoy it for now till i decide to into hiding like 9jamommy and ..................oh yes An Ibo Dudes Corner ........(if I have missed anyone out ..please pencil yourself in there jejely)
Anyway so my plan was to wait until I had about 30 comments like all the blogville pros ie: 30+ , 36 Inches of brown legs, Atutupoyoyo , Ex - Schoolnerd , catwalq , Princesa & Queen of my castle and co but I got an email from a friend that I needed to share with all yall as i feel its quiet important and dont worry JESUS has not yet been spotted in Africa and the word is not comming to an here i go again. Well, let me so starigth to the point. one of my girl friend sent me this in an email.....(I said that earlier on aabi...ok just read on..let me copy and paste)
From: Dr. Nahid Neman Who works in the breast cancer unit at Mt. Sinai Hospital , in Toronto .

If there is a female you care anything about, Share this with her. I did!!!!!I am also sharing this with the males on my e-mail list(on blogville in my case ), Because they need to tell the females that they care about as well!
Recently a lipstick brand called 'Red Earth' Decreased their prices from $67 to $9.90.
It contained lead. Lead is a chemical which causes cancer. The lipstick brands that contain lead are:


The higher the lead content, The greater the chance of causing cancer. After doing a test on lipsticks, It was found that the Y.S.L. Lipstick Contained the most amount of lead. Watch out for those lipsticks Which are supposed to stay longer. If your lipstick stays longer, it is Because of the higher content of lead.

Here is the test you can do yourself:
1. Put some lipstick on your hand.

2. Use a Gold ring to scratch on the lipstick

3. If the lipstick color changes to black, Then you know the lipstick contains lead.

Please SHARE this information with all your girlfriends, Wives and female family members. This information is being circulated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Dioxin Carcinogens cause cancer,Especially breast cancer.

------------------END OF EMAIL -------------------------

I havent tried out the test myself as Vaseline and MAC lip gloss are my only friends when it comes to my lips but I am curious to find out if it really works. What baffles me is why the hell these brands continue to use lead in thier products knowing that it poses such a health risk to its consumers.....why dont they just find a healthy substitue for LEAD?!!Feel free to research the above information and do share your findings with the rest of us.


Friday, 4 January 2008


Happy New Year Peeps!!! May God Almighty Grant all our hearts desires, May He shower us with His blessing and give us the courage to face this year and all the challenges that life has in store for us....My 2008 be a year of Joy, Peace, Grace, Prosperity, New Jobs, Good Health, May relationships and marriages grow from strength to strength, may the single guys and babes out there find their life partners (u know urselves..) and may our lives be filled with all that we wish and pray for(add ur own..)...................................


So I saw the New Year in with Thanks and Praise to God and it was such a good feeling.2007 was gone with all its drama and bad belle.... I walked out of Church feeling like a new person...Like I had been given another chance to start all over again and get things right.....I felt soooo REFRESHED!!

The a few things happened in the last couple of weeks before the New Year that i just did not understand:
Mr decided to spend Christmas and the New Year in Lagos and i refused to go because i had a lot of revision to do....and I had wanted to go to Ghana NOT Naija,as I was feeling very homesick but the only thing that stopped me from going was my exams and also because I just wasn't ready to deal with with any drama from my mum... if i decided to send Christmas and the New Year in Lagos for the 4th time... So Mr was bent on celebrating Elaya in Lagos and there was no way I was going to change his he went oohhhh and I was sooo upset with him because I thought that he was being very selfish by leaving me to spend the holidays on my own with my non existent family...My mum the workaholic worked over the holidays.. my sister stayed outside London and my brother stayed at home most of the time just watching telly and working on his dissertation.....HOW FUN EI??
Lets just say Christmas was very drrryyyyyyy, and i vowed that it will be the last one I will ever spend on my own in the hope of doing anything with my so called family....

Mr and a few of his friend decided to drive to Ghana for a few days as there wasn't much happening in Lagos...... You can just imagine how pissed off i was when he mentioned it to me .. because it was not part of the plan and i felt like he was punishing me for not going to Lagos with him......But guess what?? I t was actually a very productive trip because I was able to arrange for Mr to meet up with My Uncle, Auntie and Cousins who he occasionally speaks to over the its fair to say he met a few on his soon to be In- laws and they loved him to bits.....THANK GOD!!

There have been a lot of discussions since then and lets just say that next year by this time I will be a Mrs by Gods grace......can i get an AMEN!!
I have a very good feeling about this year and know that God is about to perform wonders in my life!
My mum is still not on board but trust God she will be on board in a few months if not weeks by Gods grace...!!

So MR and I have agreed on December 2008 as the month for our Engagement and Wedding....dates are yet to be finalised. I'm really excited about this and I feel very positive about things moving forward..all Mr has to do now is to pop the question......oohhh i just cant wait. We are still carrying out a few formalities to involve my mum and to get her to come around but lets just say I am not holding my breath .....NO one is going to kill my joy ooohhhhh...God I am on a high at the moment but all that aside i still need to concentrate on my exams but i cant help it ...I keep visiting all these wedding sites.....I know ..I'm loosing it..........I'm just excited.. Lord knows what i will do when Mr finally proposes..WATCH THIS SPACE!!